Yesterday hasnt been good. One of those days that start wrong and end difficult.

Beside whatever this thing with her n me is… My personal life is pretty upside down, between broke and catastrophe. Anyway. As I didnt hear from her all day, I decided to do two jobs which were planned for Saturday. It was supposed to be a quick thing which turned into endless.

On my way home I texted her FB decided not to send my message all morning, so… Hi. She wrote back, she was about to take a nap. Then, more work. I wrote her goodnight, and found her goodnight this morning.

It is … A bit weird to have that … Just contact like that. It confuses me. It messes with my head. Well yea so does the depression, sure. Im trying not to let it take over, which isnt easy at all. Usually, when I think again, I remember we are both busy grown ups, and that she isnt used to text the way I do. And then I try to relax.

But I admit, though Im fine, that is the hard part. The one that really sucks. Breathe. Wait, see.

Im enjoying this, too.

Saturday she invited me over to watch the Eurovision Song Contest Final with her n some friends. Puh. I hesitated. She told me to her its no big deal of introducing or so, but she would enjoy having me around. Yea okay. Im in. Im still… Not sure. But we will see 🙂

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