Tomorrow is the day.
We will meet at 3.30pm, her train station.

Currently Im relaxed, not nervous. Currently not even hyper excited.
Yea ask me again tomorrow. I know.

I keep wondering if she is real or this is just… a quick fire. I dont know.
And I dont know what I want… Beside seeing her tomorrow.

So Im listening to music, didnt eat. Okay maybe Im not that super cool.
Shes a nice girl. I dont know much of the background nor the story…
All I know is that theres a son. Hes living with her, and… Wild guess,
She was together with a guy. She said a year ago, she felt her feelings
For women awake. She must have fallen for somebody, but it ended
Not well. Thats as much as I can tell from what she let me know.

We will see. There arent many options. We either like each other or
Not, as Ill only see her for 1-2h…

I hope she likes me.

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