I met her today.

The day started slow, I overslept cause I couldnt sleep that night. Then, I occupied myself with work… Took the tram around 2 pm, my heart beating super fast.

She was as nervous as I was… And Im not really the nervous kind of person. When the tram arrived, Id problems breathing.

Then I saw her and had to smile. She was red like a tomato, running circles. I hugged her, and held her for a moment.

We went to have that promised ice cream, and decided to go to a sea after that. The clouds were dark and looked dangerous, but it turned into a sunny afternoon, on a nice bench at a sea, in the sun.

After we both stopped being nervous and finally relaxed, it was great. I admit, its not like the was this strong connection I felt with the last girl, but they are very different characters. Thankfully.

She is very… how to say? Grown up? She has a kid, an education running, and from what I know a lot of struggling from her past. And well, no experience with girls. None.

I asked her last night to define no experience. Well, as in none. My head flashed red lights. I asked her if shes sure she likes girls. She is. It made my heart be careful. Not that I dont trust her, but if she tries out and doesnt like, its my bad.

Anyway. She has a beautiful stitched tattoo, and a cute smile. And yes, beside the damn nervous rushing heart, there are butterflies, dancing.

But it is her call now, shes deciding what will happen next. I invited her to visit. My head is making a million plans. My little sis already did, too.

Slow, slow. Its new to her, which is also new to me. Usually Im the one with less experience. And now Im on the train home. My heart is still beating fast.

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