Today, I had the complete day planned out. Morning filled with jobs, afternoon with paperwork. I even managed play time with the dog into it…

So, two jobs done, appointment at apple… Which took forever, 1,5h to reset the stupid thing…

Anyway, while waiting, she wrote me a good morning. We exchanged a few lines. Then she asked if I wanna come over when Im done. She asked me. Yay. Let me grin at the apple guy wildly.

Finished the last job, took the tram. Called cause her bell is broken. Went upstairs. She was dressed in indian jeans, a violet shirt and green violet striped cardigan. And western boots, which made her higher than I am… She also wore her glasses, she only uses them for work… Think they look cute on her. Anyway, we kinda hugged/ she kissed my cheek or so. Bit weird.

Watched her working for a while. I brought some cookies from the bakery. We talked a bit about our jobs etc. She told me, she will have a friend visiting her the next days, but invited me for Eurovision song contest on Saturday. Her, that friend and her best friend. Uh… I will see her wednesday, and we will see after that.

Then, lunchtime. We went down the street to a Turkish store, sat outside under the roof in the rain.

She had some work to do n so had I. She lead me back to the tram station, and we hugged. I held her a moment longer, she smelled so great. Then I kissed her, quickly. That second kiss was way more passionated, needing more. I pulled back, I knew we both had stuff to do. She smiled when I stepped away, our hands holding, as long as they could.

On my way home, I probably smiled. All the way. On my so planned through day.


Someone asked me, why Im writing about this.

Because I can. Because I want.

Im a dreamer. I want to jump and fly, I want to dance in summer rain, and I want somebody dancing with me. Over all, I love to write

She wasnt planned.

My head was messing with me yesterday. I was so exhausted, and scared. I knew it was stupid, but Id to write her, ask her if shes sure she wants to meet again. She asked if Im nuts, for sure she wants to! It untied that knot in my head.

And reminded me. I walked her home Friday night, or more Saturday morning. She had her bike, and took my hand. Every time she had to let go she took it again. I kissed her good night at her door. When I came home, the sunrise was orange, beautiful shining, and while I watched the day beginn, I felt her lips, still.

I dont know how this will turn out. All I want is somebody who takes me as I am. Just like that.

Blind date

After writing for two weeks – and one of those, she was on a holiday trip…, we met yesterday. For the first time. We set the time a few days ago, but never set the place, just to ask each other in the same second yesterday…

I didnt plan on anything. Shes a great woman, smart n interesting. I thought we would go along great. I was there early, and watched the people. She found me, and I wasnt nervous any more the second I looked at her. Chucks, a pretty black dress, a star printed hoodie jacket. We got a coffee and walked through the park.

We just started talking, this and that, here and there, without breaks. We sat at the water for a while until we got too cold. After hitting a bank terminal, we went to a small bar. It was early n empty, we got beer and good places. We just chatted along. About whatever crossed our minds.

To me, thats rare.

When it filled with people, we sat a bit closer, our legs touching, our finger brushing each others a bit. Until we held hands. Until we couldnt look away. She asked me if she can kiss me. God. I dont know how long we sat there, talking, holding hands, kissing. It finally got really crowded, and we left.

We went to a smaller bar and a last beer. She asked if Id be mad if she doesnt take me home. No, I wasnt. Cause there, at 4 am, it felt so right to be with her. Just… To sit and talk. I walked her home, she held my hand. I kissed her goodbye. And when I came home, I still felt her lips on mine…

Ive no idea how that happened. What happened. What will happen. Ive no idea. But this morning, I woke up with a wish.