Her Friends…

I spent the last days with my wonderful best friend. We had a blast. ❤

Tonight Im invited to watch Eurovision Song Contest. With "my girl" and her friends. As she said, its not like she will be introducing me but wants me there.

Im nervous.

Not only because I see her friends or have a problem with fitting into new groups. Nah, Im nervous cause how the hell do I behave?

Im the girl she saw three times, the girl she kissed on the first date after a few hours. The girl whos terribly falling for her.

I think shes feeling the same.

Somebody asked me why Im writing this.
Because it is in my head. Because I need to keep my hands busy to distract my head. Because there are so many things I cant tell her yet, because I need to have the availability to say Im happy, Im nervous, Im confused. Because there are dark spots from my past plopping up, crossing this life. Because I love to write.

Im happy and relaxed. I like this girl. I love her smile.

So, her friends.
Today, she will meet the hippie girl I am. Well, not 100%, but were slowly going there. Im dressed black today, but pretty and yet hippie elegant. Luckily, she is a costume maker, and doesnt care for my clothes. Its so relaxing not to be judged by that… Plus shes kinda a bit hippie herself.

Anyway. Her friends tonight.